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A long time ago, nobody knows exactly when – there was living a beautiful woman in a city called Prague. She was well known in the region for her charms and beauty and was wanted by most males. She had only one man, her husband a rope maker. He was very good at rope making, had a special working style unseen for that times and he was often traveling far to the sea. His beautiful wife was bored staying alone at home. Once, she asked her husband to open her own tavern. The man who loved his wife so much, nothing evil unknowingly, promised her to open one tavern. The woman got into the job and in a short time the tavern was full of male guest.
After that a lot of rumors were spread about the beautiful barkeeper, who was offering special services for man besides serving them with drinks. The rumors spread so fast around, that in a short time her husband heard them. The man left his job and quickly returned home to clarify what was going on. Often a lot of bad rumors might be gossips. The man was so furious when he found out the truth that it might have been seen in his eyes and because of his jealousy he strangled his wife. Since those times, the spirit of his wife is still present there in tavern. The malediction says that the woman will not find her peace until she will heal the broken hearts.